Many people benefiting from KIDA’s SACCO

KIDA operates the only SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) in Uganda that targets the vulnerable AIDS affected population.  Its goal is to empower the vulnerable. Those who join KIDA’s AIDS CARE SACCO open a savings account first and receive training in saving and borrowing.  They are required to save a small amount regularly. The program […]

Positive Living is About Restoring Hope to People Living with HIV/AIDS

Positive Living Workshops occur at the KIDA community center every other month for adults and every other month for children who are HIV positive.  These seminars are widely advertised in the community.  Attendance has often been as high as 250 at a given workshop. Peer testimonies from people living positively are a great encouragement to […]

KIDA HIV AIDS Prevention program

Programs to teach HIV prevention include: Live drama shows with dancing and music: •    Drama/dance troupe rehearses twice weekly, some are HIV positive. KIDA started this activity in 2000. •    Live shows are given twice monthly in schools, trading centers, churches, mosques by traveling troupe. •    Venues for shows expand out into 3 subcounties of […]

His Majesty King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, Celebtates 10 years of KIDA

In the first place, I wish to congratulate Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA) upon marking ten years anniversary of its existence. This is a good sign that KIDA’s progress has been steady. Secondly, I have liked the theme: Empowering lives, which sounds very appropriate as far as general development is concerned. The vision of KIDA […]

Join us on KIDA’s journey of empowerment

In July 1998, my wife and I purchased a piece of land in Nyanswiga, a small village located in Ruteete sub-county. The community we came to was as welcoming and friendly as any, but a decade and a half of the AIDS epidemic had devastated the families that lived there. The disease had taken parents […]

KIDA SACCO: Microfinance programme for the HIV positive

Microfinance encourages the culture of saving and investment by the most impoverished people. Secondly, microfinance is designed to make loans more accessible to these people since they are usually turned away by commercial banks. These banks demand that people provide valuable collateral like land, titles, and permanent structures before they can be given loans. Yet, […]

KIDA Uganda partners, the Friends of Ruwenzori

We are the funding partners of KIDA (Kitojo Integrated Development Association), a Ugandan-run non-governmental organization. KIDA fights HIV/AIDS and poverty in the rural communities of the Ruteete Subcounty of the Kabarole District in Western Uganda. We fully support KIDA’s mission, which is to “enable vulnerable individuals and communities to take care of their own lives”. […]