KIDA’s Electricity Milestone.

On the 11th September 2015, KIDA community and the surrounding villages of Kitojo unveiled the light finally! The occasion took place at the staff quarters and was punctuated by lots of fun, music, drinks, nyamachoma and moving  speeches. The function was graced by Hon Alex Ruhunda who also helped greatly on the electricity project, other area and local leaders were in attendance like the chairman LC I.

In his speech, the chairman LC I referred  to Rev Ezra Musobozi as a gift from God, he hoped that many more things would come to the village because of the many developments including KIDA Hospital and other KIDA projects. Many thanks to the Friends of Rwenzori for supporting this project.

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KIDA Hospital in partneship to treat, prevent HIV/AIDS


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KIDA Hospital on Nutrion

Every Friday, mothers bring their children to be immunized depending on the appointment given earlier on. Among other things the mothers are health educated on family planning, proper hygiene and nutrition. On Friday 8th May 2015, the immunization exercise coincided with the Family support group meeting for breastfeeding and lactating mothers living with HIV. The two groups merged and were treated to a vegetable salad and avocado Juice!

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Nutrition is a key aspect in young children and people living with HIV/AIDS thus the need to address malnutrition through health education and demonstration packages.

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On 11th May 2015, KIDA staff and the surrounding community heeded to the outcry of Uganda Blood transfusion services. In the recent past, there has been a shortage of blood in the Uganda blood bank and it is because of this that they are trying to reach different areas to have people support other people’s lives with safe blood.
A team from Fort portal regional blood bank came to carry out a blood donation activity at KIDA premises and a total of 25 units of blood were collected. Blood transfusion is usually carried out in cases of severe hemorrhages especially during delivery, anaemia cases, and severe malaria among other diseases as ordered by the medical doctor/Clinician.

Since January 2015 to April 2015, KIDA Hospital has utilized 30 units of blood through transfusions in order to manage the different conditions at the health facility. In this regard some patients are usually referred for blood transfusion from the surrounding health centers since KIDA Hospital is the only facility that gets blood in the three sub counties of Ruteete, Kasenda and Buheesi and is able to store it safely by observing the cold chain practices. Many thanks goes to Uganda Blood Bank through Fortportal regional blood bank for always supplying us with blood when we place our orders and reports, with this we have been able to provide quality health care to the vulnerable service population.
Some of the staff donated blood for the very first time while others donated for more than once, it was a great experience. One non-medical staff was quoted saying “now that I work in a hospital,I really appreciate the importance of blood so I should donate and save some one’s life out there”. The vocational school students were not left behind in the valiant exercise, they actively took part as they were mobilized by the programs coordinator.
Mr Tusiime Richard, the team leader for the exercise was very impressed with the turn ups, being a first time outreach site with hardly any mobilization, they identified KIDA as a donation site with stronger mobilization the next visit.


Mr Moses Byabo, SACCO loans officer


Ms Peace(in green), a nurse at KIDA Hospital and a drama member after donating blood


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Kitojo Care SACCO Clients’ success stories

Peluce attributes her success to Kitojo Care SACCO

Businge Peluce is a happy female aged 40 years, she is married with six (6) children that is 2 boys and 4 girls.

She is very happy about the way Kitojo Care SACCO has changed her life and family at large. She joined this SACCO on 16th July 2009 after abandoning a village saving group which had disappointed her where by its management misused the members’ funds.

She became an active member in Kitojo Care SACCO and obtained the first loan on 5th Nov 2012 which amounted to shillings 600,000=, according to her story, she was able to add more little money and bought a piece of land for her own. After faithfully paying back this loan, she applied for shillings 900,000= and on 15TH May 2013 the SACCO gave it to her. She used the second loan to construct a small house at her home where now her mother and other of her Family members live.

The mother to Peluce and the Loans Officer in the newly constructed house.

Because of the good relationship with the SACCO, her good payment she felt the relation for continuing to work together with the SACCO. Peluce was given the third loan of shillings 3,000,000 on 3rd March 2014. Happily narrating a story about the beauty of our loans and the successes she has attained, peluce tells us that she has used the 3rd loan to pay fees for her second born doing a certificate in Nursing at Fort portal Institute of Nursing, used part of it to buy a refrigerator which she is using in her well doing Diary and because of this refrigerator, the market for milk has increased and now she sells at least three Jeri can per day and no losses of milk going bad, the rest of the money that she remained with was invested in her saloon.