KIDA SACCO: Microfinance programme for the HIV positive

Microfinance encourages the culture of saving and investment by the most impoverished people. Secondly, microfinance is designed to make loans more accessible to these people since they are usually turned away by commercial banks.

These banks demand that people provide valuable collateral like land, titles, and permanent structures before they can be given loans. Yet, impoverished people often do not have these things even though they desperately need loans.

Deogratius Mugisa, the Manager of KIDA SACCO

Ever since the mid-1990s, the Ugandan government has been encouraging the development of microfinance in the country because a properly run microfinance institution can offer many distinct benefits to a poor community. Microfinance institutions are often located in rural areas which give people the opportunity to save the little they have. They also charge lower interest rates than commercial banks because they use different methods to establish credit worthiness. But these things are not all that microfinance has to offer.

The development challenges that KIDA’s communities have are not unique compared to the rest of the country. KIDA’s approach to these problems, on the other hand, has been unique and sets us apart from other microfinance institutions. We provide intensive training for those who wish to become members of the SACCO in order to ensure that people know how to use their loans optimally and also to ensure that they are able to effectively plan for the repayment of that loan.

We also educate and sensitize people on the microfinance process over the radio, on an individual basis and at the group level.

On the administrative side, we have conducted several marketing campaigns that have contributed to a dramatic increase of membership which is currently at 504. We anticipate increasing the maximum loan amount as our membership and thus our capacity to lend increases.

Finally, we have broadened our membership base to include any person who is able to save with us regardless of his or her HIV status.

For more information about Kitojo AIDS Care SACCO, please contact:

The manager,

Mugisa B. Deogratius

Tel:+256 777 828 280.

Mails to KIDA, P. O. Box 128,

Fort Portal, Uganda

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KIDA Uganda partners, the Friends of Ruwenzori

Friends of Ruwenzori at KIDA

We are the funding partners of KIDA (Kitojo Integrated Development Association), a Ugandan-run non-governmental organization. KIDA fights HIV/AIDS and poverty in the rural communities of the Ruteete Subcounty of the Kabarole District in Western Uganda. We fully support KIDA’s mission, which is to “enable vulnerable individuals and communities to take care of their own lives”.
The Friends of Ruwenzori Foundation raises funds to financially support KIDA’s annual operating budget. We occasionally send short-term mission teams to participate in KIDA’s effective programs. We are all volunteers and fund our own trips to Uganda. To schedule an educational slide presentation or to join a mission team, contact our founder Karen Gleason at < gilgleason[@]comcast.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >.

Our inspiration comes from the people in Uganda who are bravely fighting the AIDS epidemic with very limited financial resources but with deep faith in God as their helper, hope in the future and genuine love for the people in this poor rural community. We greatly admire KIDA’s director, Rev. Ezra Musobozi and his wife Marjorie, who together provide the vision and effectively mobilize people into compassionate service.

We named our organization after the beautiful mountain range that towers over this area: the Ruwenzori mountains. “Ruwenzori” is a distortion of a Ritooro word that means “rainmaker”. The mountains are so named because the tallest peaks are almost perpetually covered with clouds. The faithful people who live and farm the land here believe that the rain brings the blessings of God.

“He covers the heavens with clouds, he prepares rain for the earth, he makes grass grow upon the hills.” Psalm 147:8

“May the mountains yield prosperity for the people.” Psalm 72:3
Join us in supporting this Kitojo Community to take better charge of their lives.

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