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Capacity Building.

Building capacity of KIDA departmental heads in Resource mobilisation. Training started on Tuesday 20th March 2018 and  ended on 22nd March 2018. We appreciate the management for such great efforts to pass on skills and knowledge to the staff through such a training. The sessions are being facilitated by Mr Godfrey Kakande

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The FOR visited again in February

Our dear partners, the Friends of Ruwenzori visited KIDA in February 2018. What  a blessing it was to meet the wonderful people, the people that always have their hearts beating for the rural community of KIDA. Among these were Kristen, Debie and Virginia, they had a welcome chat with all the staff members in a meeting that was rather informal, mainly to know each other and share experiences.

While sharing why they joined certain professions, one staff Immaculate(midwife) said she yearned to join the health profession when her little friend succumbed to sickle cells, in her mind Immaculate at a young age thought she would have done something to save her friend, her journey to midwifery started then.

We were privileged to have the FoR visit all the programs in the organisation. They also  visited the orphans and vulnerable children in the different schools of primary and secondary schools. They also visited some that live in the nearby communities.

What can we say, it is one thing to send help to the community but another to come and see the community being supported, our bonding with the FoR is growing by the day with such visits. At the farewell event that saw all of the visitors go emotional, the Executive Director requested that such visits be reciprocated, a team from KIDA to go to California and see what the FoR go through to get funding.


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Better CPD’s (Continuous Professional Development), Better Presentations, Better Learning sessions at KIDA!!

It was a moment of Joy today 17/10/2016 as the senior management staff witnessed and opened the new equipment acquired at Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA). The new equipment included a Dell Projector, a projector screen and a white Board.

All these equipment will ease presentations and other learning sessions as scheduled by the different departments. The Hospital Management is mandated to have her staff be continually educated on different things as the need arises and as the Ministry of Health dictates. This in the past has been done by improvising with the available resources of mark pens and pieces of paper and sometimes flip charts.

The Hospital and other departments like the SACCO have been privileged to take part in national trainings and the staffs trained are always expected to give feedback to the rest of the team. During these training soft copies of the modules are sometimes sent via email or given to participants on their hard drives. But only selective information would be shared during staff meeting of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions due to limited resources.

Many thanks to the Friends of Ruwenzori for the great support now that our feedback, presentations and learning sessions are going to be enhanced, more visible and more enjoyable.

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The little angels were treated to a sumptuous meal called Ekitobero(Mixture of nutritious foods) after a learning cooking session that was facilitated by Ms Joy Katusiime, Mrs Marjorie Musobozi and Ms Harriet Komugisa.
On Friday 1st July 2016 all the mothers that came to immunize their children, those who came for postnatal and those that came for ART(Anti-retroviral treatment) medicine refills were taught how to prepare nutritious foods for their children. The activity went down well until the food was ready to be eaten! Some babies were seen and heard crying for more as the food was very tasty, the activity was sponsored by Baylor Uganda.DSC04211 DSC04209 DSC04199 DSC04198

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KIDA Community Health Insurance and Timely Health Care at KIDA Hospital….

When we talk of success stories we gladly put to desk a more extraordinary story that has underscored the health insurance plan of KIDA Hospital. One Kalimpa Thereza who is a member of Kinombe Bataka Twejanjabe Group has a testimony to give in his life after the health insurance plan covered the huge hospital bill following the two  successful operations of his wife. One may wonder why we have called it operations but it has been simply because, a normal ceasor was conducted on this mother but unfortunately the post ceasor outcomes were not appealing that called on for another operation that would give this mother another hope of life. It was by God’s grace that through Dr Charles and his theatre staff that this couple got a golden testimony to deliver to the natives of Kinombe something that has earned the Hospital staff and the Hospital at large popularity. Amidst these major operations, the hospital bill was reading high because any operation is rated at 320,000Ug Shs, the operations being two, the bill was to be multiplied by two but given the fact that he had enrolled into the insurance plan, all pleasure was his when he was requested to pay only 20,000 shs only, in his own words “had it not been the Kitojo Community Health Insurance Plan, my wife would still be lying on the hospital bed as I look for someone to buy my small piece of land and there after give a warm welcome to poverty into my life” Together with other group members, they feel credited to the insurance plan that saved the property of their colleague and the hospital that saved the life of their fellow colleague. With joyful lips, the couple together with the members of Kinombe Bataka Twejanjabe sing loud with praises Long live Kida Community Health Insurance Plan, Long live KIDA Hospital. In a nutshell, this story does not only figure out success but also points out KIDA’s determination to fight the vicious cycle of poverty that is engraved on almost every ones heart around. We hope for more success time after time. DSC03261DSC03259

From the medical side of the story…..

Kyarimpa Tereza was an expectant mother aged 20 years from Kibuga village in Kasenda subcounty, she is married to Chance Godfrey. She walked into the Hospital on 12/4/2015 at around 10.35am with a complaint of labour pains. While taking her history, she said that she had one child, one died and had had one miscarriage. On examination the mother looked healthy and the obstetric examination showed that the baby was well with good fetal heart rate but the mother had two previous scars and a border line pelvis. When informed, the doctor decided to do an emergency caesarean section because the mother had already started labour. The mother was prepared and taken to theatre and where a live baby boy was delivered but the baby was asphyxiated due to meconium aspiration, the baby was rescustated and later picked up very well.
After the operation, the mother developed postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) where blood was coming from the placental site of the non-contracting uterus. The doctor did all he could do to stop the bleeding and it seemed to have stopped so the mother was sutured. When the mother was being transferred to the recovery room the bleeding started all over again which could cause anemia since it was severe, the mother also got unconscious. In order to save the mothers life, the only option was to do another operation called hysterectomy which the husband re-consented to and it was also successful,  the mother was transfused with 2 units of blood and also other post-operative treatments were given. Tereza and the baby all doing well and responding to the treatment.


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Mugisa Willim Born on 13th January 1993 grew up in different areas because of being an orphan, he didn’t have the opportunity to see either of the parents and he was told that they died of HIV/AIDS. “Even if resurrection happens now I cannot identify my parents, I don’t know whether they were tall or short, light or dark skinned” he narrates.
He has got eight siblings and he is the eldest of them all and therefore bothers to take care of them. He says that some of them are in school while others are not studying due to lack of school fees. Willim was lucky to join primary one in 1997 and completed in 2007, it took him ten years rather than seven to complete as he was moving from one relative to another. After primary level he knew that his education had ended since he had no hope for any school fees for secondary school, “all the relatives were tired of helping me” he recounts. His relatives were also low income earners who worked as shumber men and women and could not easily support their own families and also provide school fees for Willim.
When the results for primary level examinations were released, Willim had scored a super second grade of 13 aggregates and then he began fasting for two weeks for God to intervene so that he joins secondary school. He had an old friend who was about 40 years old and when he explained his performance to him he told him of a friend of his who looked after orphans and whose parents also died of HIV/AIDS. This was a ray of light that was beginning to shine in Willim’s life. The 40 year friend called the Director of KIDA, Rev Canon Ezra Musobozi Amooti who made an appointment to visit Willim to ascertain whether he was really an orphan. That day was a turning point in Willim’s life as he was taken up as one of the beneficiaries of KIDA OVC program.
He was admitted to Nyakigumba parents secondary school and was given all the scholastic materials that a student requires in a boarding school which he also used to share with his siblings. Other benefits from KIDA was the termly career guidance and counseling where the main emphasis was on HIV/AIDS positive living and good performance in school. “This kind of support continued until I graduated with a certificate in plumbing from St Joseph’s technical institute Virika in 2013” he narrates.

Struggling to get a job!
After his certificate in plumbing, Willim could not find a job, he decided to operate a small business to raise money for food since he is the family head for the eight siblings unfortunately the business was unsuccessful. While KIDA was head hunting a plumber to volunteer in the organization, Willim’s name came first and he has worked with KIDA since 1/4/2016. “I am working very well and I am even respected in my village. I can now support my fellows at home while KIDA also benefits from my skills.”
Willim has a dream to upgrade for a diploma in water engineering where he says he will still need KIDA’s support to boost her dream. In a very special way he is thankful to the Director KIDA and the whole management, very importantly he appreciates the efforts of the donors. He calls KIDA home for the love and care they provided for him. “May God bless the work done at KIDA” was Willim’s conclusive remarks.


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Kitojo integrated Development Association (KIDA) and African Health Development (AHD) launched their collaboration on the 20th November 2015 with a couple of activities that took place at KIDA premises. The function was punctuated with giving out of vegetable seedlings to the people living with HIV/AIDS who get their treatment and therapy from KIDA Hospital. The HIV/AIDS clients also walked away with well wrapped parcels which contained clothes, bags, shoes, beddings among other things. A few selected Orphans and vulnerable children supported by KIDA also took part in the occasion.

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KIDA Director Rev Ezra Musobozi mentioned that partnerships are very welcome as long as there is no deviation from the broader vision of ‘empowered people taking care of their own lives’. With a mission of promoting quality healthy practices at household and community levels for improved nutrition, maternal, neonatal and child health, AHD blends in well since the two organisations majorly focus on empowering lives in the rural community.
The occasion was graced by the Bishop’s delegate Rev Stephen Kalyebara who hailed KIDA Director for the developmental projects in the community like the Savings and Credit organisation, the Hospital, vocational skills program and others. He also thanked AHD Director Mr Churchill Bacwa for the great love he has for the people and most especially the vulnerable groups.
The area leaders were also part of the function such as the LC1 chairperson, the LCV kabarole, the area counsellor and Board members of both KIDA and AHD.

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KIDA Community Health Insurance plan(KCHIP) held their quarterly review meeting on 14th October 2015 and group leaders represented their groups.  There are 12 groups that have enrolled in the Health plan with 290 families and 1500 membership.

Health Insurance is a pre-payment system based on the principle of mutual aid, such that the community works together to keep everyone healthy. Started in 2014, the program has since been under the mentorship of the health partners which is USAID organization that trains in Health insurance programs. It is proven that community health insurance programs work best with existing groups and many more people are being brought on Board through mobilization by group leaders and KCHIP coordinator.

The Health partners donated a poster, a noticeboard, stationery, metallic shelves, mama kits(package for expectant mothers) and an umbrella to use during registration and health education. The meeting was very interactive and lively which showed that the local community is beginning to appreciate the benefits of the community Health insurance plan.

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KIDA staff took to the road to clear the reads that had grown almost to cover the road and yet this is the way of KIDA clients and other community members. It had become a danger spot as the vehicle coming from the other side could not easily notice what is happening on the opposite side.
It was community work on 08/10/2015 and KIDA staff also engaged the community who were using the road at that moment and they gladly joined. One Boda Boda cyclist said in the local language “what you have done is very important, and when I find ladies in this kind of work I even have more reason to join.’’

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KIDA’s Electricity Milestone.

On the 11th September 2015, KIDA community and the surrounding villages of Kitojo unveiled the light finally! The occasion took place at the staff quarters and was punctuated by lots of fun, music, drinks, nyamachoma and moving  speeches. The function was graced by Hon Alex Ruhunda who also helped greatly on the electricity project, other area and local leaders were in attendance like the chairman LC I.

In his speech, the chairman LC I referred  to Rev Ezra Musobozi as a gift from God, he hoped that many more things would come to the village because of the many developments including KIDA Hospital and other KIDA projects. Many thanks to the Friends of Rwenzori for supporting this project.

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