Peter is one of the beneficiaries of KIDA Orphans and Vulnerable children’s program. He was enrolled in the program when he was still very young staying at home when the younger siblings would go to school and leave him behind since he was disabled.
Peter was born like any normal child but when he was two years old he suffered an acute Malaria fever that left him lame, both lower limbs were affected. Currently peter walks using his knees and is now 15 years old in Primary five.
Being lame has not stopped Peter from participating in other activities such as home chores. He can move to the banana plantation with a Panga and cut a banana and take it home by rolling it with his hands, he can even peel Matooke and cook for the whole family!
Courtesy of KIDA OVC Program, Peter has been taken to a good Boarding school called Canon Apollo Core Primary school that also caters for children with special needs, the school is near Nyakasura School. The school has a good environment, teachers and good facilities for both children with and without disability. Peter’s Mother and OVC’s Coordinator (Mrs Marjorie) will be going to see him on visiting days at the school. Peter received the following items from KIDA for his second term in school;
 A blanket
 A towel
 2 pairs of bedsheets
 A Basin
 2 T-shirts and casual wear
Peter was also among the many OVC’s who received other scholastic materials such as books, Pens, school bag, soap e.t.c, his school fees was also cleared. Sr Frances K Mugarra, the head nurse at KIDA Hospital taught the children and their guardians on Malaria Prevention using a Mosquito net by doing a demonstration with the help of Sr Bernadette.

Peter and the mother pose for a Photo with the school Head teacher A joyous Peter and mother after receiving school items Peter Moving around his new school Mosquito Net Demonstration

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  1. Ahumuza Nsita July 4, 2016 Reply

    May God give Peter Muhenda more strength to work harder and harder so as to achieve all he his goals. ….. lots of lov and prayers from A. Nsita UCU Mukono

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