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When we talk of success stories we gladly put to desk a more extraordinary story that has underscored the health insurance plan of KIDA Hospital. One Kalimpa Thereza who is a member of Kinombe Bataka Twejanjabe Group has a testimony to give in his life after the health insurance plan covered the huge hospital bill following the two successful operations of his wife. One may wonder why we have called it operations but it has been simply because, a normal ceasor was conducted on this mother but unfortunately the post ceasor outcomes were not appealing that called on for another operation that would give this mother another hope of life.
It was by God’s grace that through Dr Charles and his theatre staff that this couple got a golden testimony to deliver to the natives of Kinombe something that has earned the Hospital staff and the Hospital at large popularity. Amidst these major operations, the hospital bill was reading high because any operation is rated at 320,000Ug Shs, the operations being two, the bill was to be multiplied by two but given the fact that he had enrolled into the insurance plan, all pleasure was his when he was requested to pay only 20,000 shs only, in his own words “had it not been the Kitojo Community Health Insurance Plan, my wife would still be lying on the hospital bed as I look for someone to buy my small piece of land and there after give a warm welcome to poverty into my life” Together with other group members, they feel credited to the insurance plan that saved the property of their colleague and the hospital that saved the life of their fellow colleague.

With joyful lips, the couple together with the members of Kinombe Bataka Twejanjabe sing loud with praises Long live Kida Community Health Insurance Plan, Long live KIDA Hospital. In a nutshell, this story does not only figure out success but also points out KIDA’s determination to fight the vicious cycle of poverty that is engraved on almost every ones heart around. We hope for more success time after time.

Kyarimpa Tereza was an expectant mother aged 20 years from Kibuga village in Kasenda subcounty, she is married to Chance Godfrey. She walked into the Hospital on 12/4/2015 at around 10.35am with a complaint of labour pains. While taking her history, she said that she had one child, one died and had had one miscarriage. On examination the mother looked healthy and the obstetric examination showed that the baby was well with good fetal heart rate but the mother had two previous scars and a border line pelvis. When informed, the doctor decided to do an emergency caesarean section because the mother had already started labour. The mother was prepared and taken to theatre and where a live baby boy was delivered but the baby was asphyxiated due to meconium aspiration, the baby was rescustated and later picked up very well.
After the operation, the mother developed postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) where blood was coming from the placental site of the non-contracting uterus. The doctor did all he could do to stop the bleeding and it seemed to have stopped so the mother was sutured. When the mother was being transferred to the recovery room the bleeding started all over again which could cause anemia since it was severe, the mother also got unconscious. In order to save the mothers life, the only option was to do another operation called hysterectomy which the husband re-consented to and it was also successful, the mother was transfused with 2 units of blood and also other post-operative treatments were given. Tereza and the baby all doing well and responding to the treatment.

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