Better CPD’s (Continuous Professional Development), Better Presentations, Better Learning sessions at KIDA!!

It was a moment of Joy today 17/10/2016 as the senior management staff witnessed and opened the new equipment acquired at Kitojo Integrated Development Association (KIDA). The new equipment included a Dell Projector, a projector screen and a white Board.

All these equipment will ease presentations and other learning sessions as scheduled by the different departments. The Hospital Management is mandated to have her staff be continually educated on different things as the need arises and as the Ministry of Health dictates. This in the past has been done by improvising with the available resources of mark pens and pieces of paper and sometimes flip charts.

The Hospital and other departments like the SACCO have been privileged to take part in national trainings and the staffs trained are always expected to give feedback to the rest of the team. During these training soft copies of the modules are sometimes sent via email or given to participants on their hard drives. But only selective information would be shared during staff meeting of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) sessions due to limited resources.

Many thanks to the Friends of Ruwenzori for the great support now that our feedback, presentations and learning sessions are going to be enhanced, more visible and more enjoyable.

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