Mugisa Willim Born on 13th January 1993 grew up in different areas because of being an orphan, he didn’t have the opportunity to see either of the parents and he was told that they died of HIV/AIDS. “Even if resurrection happens now I cannot identify my parents, I don’t know whether they were tall or short, light or dark skinned” he narrates.
He has got eight siblings and he is the eldest of them all and therefore bothers to take care of them. He says that some of them are in school while others are not studying due to lack of school fees. Willim was lucky to join primary one in 1997 and completed in 2007, it took him ten years rather than seven to complete as he was moving from one relative to another. After primary level he knew that his education had ended since he had no hope for any school fees for secondary school, “all the relatives were tired of helping me” he recounts. His relatives were also low income earners who worked as shumber men and women and could not easily support their own families and also provide school fees for Willim.
When the results for primary level examinations were released, Willim had scored a super second grade of 13 aggregates and then he began fasting for two weeks for God to intervene so that he joins secondary school. He had an old friend who was about 40 years old and when he explained his performance to him he told him of a friend of his who looked after orphans and whose parents also died of HIV/AIDS. This was a ray of light that was beginning to shine in Willim’s life. The 40 year friend called the Director of KIDA, Rev Canon Ezra Musobozi Amooti who made an appointment to visit Willim to ascertain whether he was really an orphan. That day was a turning point in Willim’s life as he was taken up as one of the beneficiaries of KIDA OVC program.
He was admitted to Nyakigumba parents secondary school and was given all the scholastic materials that a student requires in a boarding school which he also used to share with his siblings. Other benefits from KIDA was the termly career guidance and counseling where the main emphasis was on HIV/AIDS positive living and good performance in school. “This kind of support continued until I graduated with a certificate in plumbing from St Joseph’s technical institute Virika in 2013” he narrates.

Struggling to get a job!
After his certificate in plumbing, Willim could not find a job, he decided to operate a small business to raise money for food since he is the family head for the eight siblings unfortunately the business was unsuccessful. While KIDA was head hunting a plumber to volunteer in the organization, Willim’s name came first and he has worked with KIDA since 1/4/2016. “I am working very well and I am even respected in my village. I can now support my fellows at home while KIDA also benefits from my skills.”
Willim has a dream to upgrade for a diploma in water engineering where he says he will still need KIDA’s support to boost her dream. In a very special way he is thankful to the Director KIDA and the whole management, very importantly he appreciates the efforts of the donors. He calls KIDA home for the love and care they provided for him. “May God bless the work done at KIDA” was Willim’s conclusive remarks.


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