KIDA operates the only SACCO (Savings and Credit Cooperative) in Uganda that targets the vulnerable AIDS affected population.  Its goal is to empower the vulnerable.

Those who join KIDA’s SACCO open a savings account first and receive training in saving and borrowing.  They are required to save a small amount regularly.

The program is open to both HIV positive clients as well as to local community villagers who do not have HIV.

A member can apply for a loan not more than three times the value of that member’s savings balance.  There are application requirements and repayment requirements.

Mr. Mugisa Deogratius is KIDA’s full-time microfinance manager.  He has a diploma in Business Studies with an accounting specialty and completed a post-graduate program in microfinance in Uganda.  He has taught economics and commerce at O level and A level.

KIDA’s SACCO elects a Board of Directors and holds an annual general meeting.  The money belongs to the members.  A committee approves loans.

Interest on loans is 1.5% a month, much less than other SACCO’s in Uganda.  There is no profit-making goal, rather service and empowering the vulnerable.  97% of borrowers pay back on time.  3% are late but eventually repay.

Currently (August 2013) there are 1505 members and it is now self-supporting and thus does not require any subsidies from anywhere.