The FOR visited again in February

Our dear partners, the Friends of Ruwenzori visited KIDA in February 2018. What  a blessing it was to meet the wonderful people, the people that always have their hearts beating for the rural community of KIDA. Among these were Kristen, Debie and Virginia, they had a welcome chat with all the staff members in a meeting that was rather informal, mainly to know each other and share experiences.

While sharing why they joined certain professions, one staff Immaculate(midwife) said she yearned to join the health profession when her little friend succumbed to sickle cells, in her mind Immaculate at a young age thought she would have done something to save her friend, her journey to midwifery started then.

We were privileged to have the FoR visit all the programs in the organisation. They also  visited the orphans and vulnerable children in the different schools of primary and secondary schools. They also visited some that live in the nearby communities.

What can we say, it is one thing to send help to the community but another to come and see the community being supported, our bonding with the FoR is growing by the day with such visits. At the farewell event that saw all of the visitors go emotional, the Executive Director requested that such visits be reciprocated, a team from KIDA to go to California and see what the FoR go through to get funding.


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