In order to increase access to and affordability of quality healthcare services at the hospital, The organization operates Community based Health Insurance Plan (KICHIP).The plan (Scheme)helps to reduce catastrophic out of pocket spending for health care among the poor population and increases access to health services without fear of any medical bills. The Plan is structured on a group model which allows community members to enroll and pay their premiums through exiting groups.  The scheme’s oversight resides in the community leaders committee (CLC) which meets once every quarter. 

The current premiums and fees are as follows:

  1. Premium – shs 22,000 for a family of 4 members every quarter
  2. Membership Card – shs 3000 for each family
  3. Annual membership for each member of  family – shs 1000

To guard against abuse in the utilization of the services, each member makes a Co-payment of shs 5000 and 10000 for OPD and In-Patient services respectively.

The Plan does not provide for chronic illnesses such as Cancer or diabetes and self-inflicted injury