Success Stories

“Kunihira Phiona” (not her real name) was born by a HIV positive mother and later tested HIV positive at the age of 4 years weighing 11kilograms. Phiona was referred to KIDA Hospital for treatment, on 22/7/2010 she was re-tested and initiated on Antiviral Viral Therapy (ART).
However in May 2016, Phiona was bled for viral load test but her results reported unsuppressed viral load despite being on treatment for 6 years. Counsellors at KIDA ART clinic put Phiona on Intensive Adherence Counselling (IAC) sessions and in November 2017 she had achieved suppressed viral load. Unfortunately, when tested again in October 2019 Phiona had slid back to unsuppressed viral load.
“This is increasingly common among adolescents due to poor adherence to treatment as many fear to be stigmatized by communities when seen picking ARVs”. Said Sylivia a Counsellor at KIDA ART Clinic.
Despite Intensive Adherence Counselling, Phiona still had unsuppressed viral load in July 2020 and was bled for Drug Resistance Test. However efforts to have the sample sent for testing in Kampala were hampered by Covid 19 restrictions. KIDA ART Clinic team continued with both Hospital and home based IAC sessions. Due to persistence, victory was registered on 1st January 2022 when Phiona was bled again for viral load and her test results reported suppressed and undetectable viral load.
Joshua a counsellor at KIDA ART Clinic attributed victory to cooperation between Phiona, caregivers, and health workers. “Home based assessment during treatment period is vital for psychosocial support and monitoring patient adherence levels”. Sylivia added
“I appreciate all ART Clinic staff and KIDA Hospital management for all the support given to us and our clients” said Frances a Senior Nursing Officer at KIDA Hospital.
KIDA Hospital is located in Kabarole a District with high HIV prevalence rate of 14% against the national prevalence rate of 6% (The Uganda AIDS Commission 2020 statistics).
Uganda is promoting 95, 95, 95 HIV prevention strategy to end HIV/AIDS by 2030 , we hereby appeal to individuals, organizations and government to support KIDA Hospital’s efforts of carrying out community outreaches, HIV prevention and awareness drives to achieve
Sylivia Kyomuhendo-Counsellor at KIDA Hospital